About Los Angeles Career College

Shortly after establishment Los Angeles Career College managed to become a benchmark in healthcare education. We strive to provide our students with the highest quality of education, for them to stand out in the market and create a culture of excellence in any job they undertake. We employ highly trained and educated teachers and technicians, who are experts in the field. We also provide our employees with a great environment to work in and the ability to advance their education and careers.

Our Mission


Los Angeles Career College is committed to being an integral part of your career advancement through providing outstanding educational opportunities.

Our Vision


Los Angeles Career College envisions to have a successive impact on the community and healthcare industry through continuous efforts in professional development, innovative approach to education and enhanced learning solutions.



Unbounded responsibility
Career oriented

A Little History

With over 30 years of teaching experience LACC instructors are carefully selected to bring their best expertise into the teaching environment. They don’t just teach the material, they are all current practitioners of the materials, perfectly transforming vast practical knowledge into learning objective. We at LACC want to provide better, useful, realistic and most important fun and stress-free learning experience. We want you not only to remember the information and skills you come to us to learn, but also to enjoy the process.

Formed by a group of medical professionals LACC had a goal to teach lifesaving techniques to build healthier lives around. During the past years LACC grew from a boutique training center into a career college, providing educational opportunities, leading to careers or career advancement, in an open and supportive environment that encourages a lifelong quest for knowledge. Our educational programs can be completed in a relatively short time period, equipping our students with tools necessary for productive careers in medical field.

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The foundation of
Los Angeles Career College

  • Support – We seek to help our students to become responsible leaders, serving the community with excellence and being committed to common good.
  • Unbounded responsibility – Being responsible requires an absolute thoughtfulness of resources we possess, makes us be accountable to ourselves, each other and community we serve, and take decisions by acknowledging the context and considering consequences.
  • Career oriented – We teach not just for providing a degree or certification, but we exert to become an integral part of our students’ career advancement.
  • Commitment – Commitment fosters us to be dedicated to success of our students, exercising our mission and continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Excellence – Excellence commits us to challenge ourselves and consistently strive for outcomes that are exemplary rather than simply satisfactory.
  • Service – Our service is aimed at creating an uncompromised standard of quality and distinction in teaching, learning, career advancement and all other operations.
  • Sustainability – We strive for sustainable development of our learning solutions, serving as a catalyst for positive change in the community and industry we are involved in.

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