ECG Rhythm Certification

Los Angeles Career College offers Advanced ECG Interpretations online programs for individuals willing to gain the appropriate skills to interpret various heart rhythms and acknowledge medical emergencies promptly.

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EKG Monitor Technician Course Content

Describe normal cardiac anatomy and flow of blood through the heart.

Identify the parts of the cardiac conduction system and their function.

Describe the origin and spread of the electrical impulse through the heart.

Identify the waves and intervals of the cardiac cycle and state their normal values.

State the 5 steps of rhythm interpretation.

Pacemakers (coding, normal function, loss of capture, loss of sensing).

State commonly used drugs and the correct dosage used to treat each of the above arrhythmias.

Illustrate proper electrode and lead wire placement for a 5 wire system and a 3 wire system to obtain lead V1 (or MCL1) and V6 (or MCL6).

Identify the following arrhythmias from a rhythm strip;
Sinus rhythm, Sinus bradycardia, Sinus tachycardia, Sinus arrhythmia, Sinus arrest, Sinus exit block.

Premature atrial complexes (PACs), Wandering atrial pacemaker (WAP), Multi focal atrial tachycardia (MAT), Atrial tachycardia, Atrial flutter, Atrial fibrillation, Supra ventricular tachycardia (SVT).

Junctional rhythm, Accelerated junctional rhythm, Junctional tachycardia, Premature ventricular complexes (PVCs), Idioventricular rhythm, Junctional tachycardia, Premature ventricular complexes (PVCs).

Idioventricular rhythm, Accelerated ventricular rhythm, Ventricular tachycardia (VT), Ventricular fibrillation (VF), First degree A V block, Second degree AV block (type I and type II), High grade AV block, Third degree AV block, Asystole , Right and left bundle branch block.

EKG Monitor Technician Course Description

EKG monitor technicians are responsible for watching patients’ heart rates and reporting important changes to the nursing staff; they often use equipment that tracks several patients simultaneously. EKG monitor technicians may also perform electrocardiographs (EKGs), which read electrical impulses sent by the heart.

EKG monitor technicians work in many different settings, including but not limited to hospitals, clinics and outpatient centers.

It can be confusing what a “Monitor Technician” is because hospitals will also use the job titles Telemetry Technician, Cardiac Monitor Technician, 12-Lead EKG Tech and more. The fact that nurses and nurse assistants are adding this becoming certified adds even more titles to the mix.

We provide the skills you need to work in any of these roles!

Certification and Licensure

Los Angeles Career College is a certified testing site for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and National Center of Competency Testing (NCCT).

Our program graduates are eligible to take the Certified EKG Technician Exam through NHA or the National Certified EKG Technician Exam through NCCT.