IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal Classes

Los Angeles Career College is proud to offer IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal classes to RNs & LVNs. This course presents all the core skills needed for the healthcare practitioners to become familiar with intravenous therapy.

Course Fee: $280

  • Stress-Free Learning
  • Comfortable Modern Classroom
  • CEs Available
  • BRN Approved!

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Course Description

This course is a 24-hour hybrid course based on online lecture component and classroom hands on where students will get all the practice and skills they need to start and IV and draw blood. Each participant is required to successfully complete IV insertions and Blood Withdrawal. Through the experience of the latest equipment and help of Doctors and Nurses all the participants will professionally and successfully complete the course. Students will learn best available information and shortcuts as well as real life experiences on how to start an IV and draw blood. On the third day students can practice IV Insertion Techniques and Blood Withdrawal on each other. If any of the students will feel uncomfortable to be practiced upon, they are welcome to bring someone else to the classroom for the last clinical day.

Come meet your fellow classmates, practice your skills and interact with professionals in a stress-free environment and receive 20 Continuing Education Hours.

Course Content

Preparing the patient psychologically

Explaining the rationale for blood withdrawal and venipunctures

Distinguishing between types of intravenous solutions and their appropriateness

Preparing equipment properly and aseptically

Selecting and correctly preparing the most appropriate vein for venipuncture \ blood withdrawal

Preparing the site in a manner which reduces the chance of infection

Performing venipunctures utilizing direct or indirect method

Performing blood withdrawal utilizing skin puncture (vacutainer, butterfly, syringe), or venipuncture

Dressing site according to policy

Securing and immobilizing device appropriately and safely

Regulating flow rate and fluid accurately