Preventive Health & Safety

Preventive Health and Safety training is an instructor-led training program that consists of Prevention of Infectious Disease, Prevention of Injuries, and Nutrition in childcare.

Course Fee: $50

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  • EMSA-Approved Program
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Childcare CPR and First Aid Course Description

Los Angeles Career College offers the 8-hours of Pediatric First Aid and Childcare CPR training approved by California Emergency Medical Services Authority and is required for childcare providers opening a childcare home or center as well as directors or supervisors of childcare centers.

The Childcare CPR and Pediatric First Aid course fulfills 8-hours of the 16-hour training requirement for licensed childcare providers and center-based childcare staff.

Upon completion of the Childcare CPR and First Aid course you will receive your course completion certificate which will include the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) Red and Green Course Approval Stickers with personal serial numbers assigned specifically to you and will be recorded in the Official Records of the EMSA in Sacramento, California.

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Childcare CPR and First Aid Course Content

The four key steps in first aid for children and infants: prevent, protect, assess, and act

Using an epinephrine pen

Medical Emergencies

Environmental Emergencies

First Aid basics

Dehydration signs

Heat related emergency

Using an inhaler

Identifying different types of injuries

Performing high-quality CPR for a child or infant