Disaster Drill

In the event of a disaster, would your organization know hot to act? Los Angeles Career College is here to develop a mock disaster and practice with your team.

  • Plan!
  • Prepare!
  • Practice!


The Joint Commission requires twice-yearly emergency response exercises, at least one of which must include an event that is escalating, and that can’t be handled by the community. Further, at least one exercise has to include community-wide participation. Under the California Code of Regulations, disaster plans must be rehearsed at least twice annually, and internal disaster and fire drills have to be held at least quarterly for every shift, and must be done under varying conditions.

Program plans and procedures have to be evaluated periodically through testing, exercises and reviews. If you’re concerned about company preparedness and compliance, you can benefit from our disaster drill program. Our disaster drill program is designed to meet and exceed Joint Commission requirements for twice-annual drills, and it is customizable for companies and organizations of any size.

Meet and exceed
local standards

At the end of the disaster drill program, your company or organization’s preparedness will meet and exceed local standards. We’ll evaluate your emergency planning, procedures and resources, and then we’ll work with you to improve your existing disaster plan or create a new one. We’ll begin your disaster drill program with an orientation session, and then conduct disaster drills to determine the functionality of your plan within your institution, among your colleagues, and in the context of the community as a whole.


This program is conducted by police officers and fire department personnel. At the end of the disaster drill program, your company will receive a certification of preparedness from Los Angeles Career College, signifying that you have met and exceeded local and state regulations.