Emergency Medical Response Training

Does your company or organization have an Emergency Response Team in place? If not, then we can help.

  • Interactive course including hands-on practice and scenario-based training
  • Meeting National EMS Educational standards for licensing
  • Same day certification valid for two years


Emergency Response Team members should be physically capable of carrying out such duties, and also able to think quickly and perform well under pressure. They need to be able to make decisions, such as when an emergency can be handled in-house, and when outside assistance will be required. Effective communication skills are vital, and an ability to work closely with management in order to coordinate emergency training amongst employees will be necessary. ERT members should be fully committed to all aspects of workplace safety.

Our ERT training program is designed to help you identify people within your organization who would be best suited to handle an emergency in your workplace, and then to train them in how to direct and respond to a site emergency. You should appoint an emergency response coordinator, and also make sure that you have a backup coordinator – this ensures that there is always someone available who is fully trained. Employees should know who these people are, and who is on duty at any given time.

Training program

  • Building evacuation
  • Crowd control
  • Medical call
  • Triage
  • Safely securing the area
  • Shelter placement
  • Incident command system
  • Communication during an emergency
  • How to implement a mass casualty incident strategy
  • How to set up an emergency operation center


Once training is complete and a plan is put into place, you should review the plan periodically with your Emergency Response Team, revising it as necessary according to the changing needs of your business or organization. Ensuring that your plan is always current and you always have an Emergency Response Team in place is an essential part of your workplace safety program.